7 STONE RIOT is a hard rock band from Birmingham, AL. Members include Reid Aldridge (Lead Guitar) and brothers, Whit (Vocals), Tyler (Bass), and Todd Millsap (Guitar) Ethan Harris (Drums). Since 2016, 7SR has recorded a 5 track EP titled "Scratching The Surface." The EP was tracked, mixed and mastered by Rick Beato and Ken Lanyon. 7SR's sound has been compared to the likes of Shinedown, Tool, and Sevendust. They have been seen LIVE with bands such as, Lamb of God, Upon A Burning Body, Butcher Babies, Hinder, Saving Abel, Puddle OF Mudd, Tantric, Nonpoint, Fozzy, Adelitas Way, & Like A Storm to name a few. Be sure to catch 7SR’s loud, powerful performance in city near you!! 

Whit Millsap - Vocals/Guitar
Reid Aldridge - Lead Guitar

Tyler Millsap - Bass
Todd Millsap- Rhythm Guitar
Ethan Harris- Drums