7 Stone Riot is a 5 piece hard rock band from Birmingham, AL. Formed in 2013, members include Whit Millsap (lead vocals), Tyler Millsap (bass/backup vocals), Reid Aldridge (lead guitar), Jeff Leng (drums, backup vocals), and Todd Millsap (rhythm guitar). 7 Stone Riot is currently recording a 5 song EP titled, “Scratching the Surface” with professor/producer, Rick Beato, and sound engineer, Ken Lanyon. Release is projected for early 2018. Their two singles, “I’m Alive” and “Time Will Tell” were released in 2017 to support their upcoming EP, "Scratching The Surface." The single “I’m Alive” was debuted at the 2017 Alabama Music Awards Show, hosted at the BJCC Theater Hall. 


Whit Millsap - Lead Vocals
Reid Aldridge - Lead Guitar
Tyler Millsap - Bass

Todd Millsap - Guitar
Jeff Leng - Drums/Vocals